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Word Example of - incrimination

    Example Sentences for incrimination

    The story had lost nothing in the way of incrimination of Colonel Eldridge, and complete exculpation of himself.

    He knew how the little green-eyed nurse was gloating over this second incrimination of Leerie.

    He felt like a prisoner on the witness stand driven to save himself by incrimination of another.

    And only those points of evidence were sustained which conduced to the incrimination of the miserable defendant.

    Of the remaining thirty-four there were nine whose testimony was directed to the incrimination of Mrs. Surratt.

Word Origin & History of - incrimination

    Word Origin & History

    incriminate 1730, from M.L. incriminatus, pp. of incriminare "to incriminate," from in- "not" + criminare "to accuse of a crime," from crimen (gen. criminis) "crime" (see crime).

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