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Word Example of - indecisive

    Example Sentences for indecisive

    Accordingly the battle had an irregular and indecisive character.

    The battle was indecisive, but in its military effect it was a success for the North.

    This was not a case for an indecisive ending, a note of interrogation.

    We ourselves have one of them—an indecisive view of the ruins in the Roman Forum.

    For he was weak and indecisive, and had not the power to rule insurgents or to keep his Spanish colleagues within bounds.

    Further news from Pennsylvania was indecisive, but it continued good.

    Indecisive actions between the Persian and Greek fleets at Artemisium.

    An army met his own outside the borders and the result was indecisive.

    The only guide to the date is the watermark on the paper, and in this instance the evidence is indecisive.

    But the correspondence as a whole was indecisive, disagreeable, and exasperating.

Word Origin & History of - indecisive

    Word Origin & History

    indecisive 1726, from in- (1) + decisive.

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