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Word Example of - indemnification

    Example Sentences for indemnification

    Subsequent regulations will settle the basis of this indemnification.

    There is not only the remission by indemnification but the remission by abnegation.

    The Toulouse sentence was pronounced unjust, the dead man's honour was cleared, and an indemnification was paid to his family.

    What indemnification is one great man for populations of pygmies!

    At the same rate of punishment, what indemnification should be demanded from a careless or ignorant preceptor?

    If they are acquitted, they have no indemnification to expect.

    If the indemnification is not previously paid, the courts shall protect the owners and, if needed, restore to them the property.

    Indemnification has been had from the tribe who robbed them.

    He earnestly advised him to apply for indemnification, and offered his services at the ensuing assizes.

    But his brother did not acknowledge his claims to indemnification, and mounted the horse.

Word Origin & History of - indemnification

    Word Origin & History of indemnification

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