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The Synonym of - indemnity (noun)

Word Example of - indemnity

    Example Sentences for indemnity

    Learning of the attack on our seamen, the government sent an —— demand for apology and indemnity.

    The right of indemnity does not, however, constitute the principal point.

    The wife shall be entitled to indemnity for any money of her own used to pay such claims.

    But Monroe could not obtain any concession of principle or promise of indemnity.

    The Carthaginians, obliged to give up all their establishments in Sicily, paid an indemnity of 2,200 talents.

    Invernahyle was afterwards pardoned under the Act of Indemnity.

    And what is the alternative in case the indemnity is not paid?

    After the suppression of the rebellion an act of indemnity was passed in 1801.

    To his mind the time seemed opportune for the seizure of East Florida as an indemnity for the outrages committed by the Seminoles.

    It had been practised during the Revolution, and indemnity avoided.

Word Origin & History of - indemnity

    Word Origin & History

    indemnity mid-15c., from M.Fr. indemnité (1367), from L.L. indemnitatem (nom. indemnitas) "security for damage," from L. indemnis "unhurt, undamaged," from in- "not" + damnum "damage."

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