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Word Example of - indestructible

    Example Sentences for indestructible

    It possesses the attributes of Infinity, is indestructible, immortal, undying.

    The attraction in the one case is as indestructible as in the other.

    The atoms are indestructible; vital force is not: atoms have no age; vital force is born, grows old, and dies.

    All was destroyed, except something intangible yet powerful and indestructible.

    Every least part, every atom of metal about them bore the visible, indestructible stamp of the English War Office.

    Life seems the strongest and most indestructible thing in the world.

    It is an axiom that matter is indestructible; we may alter its form as often as we please, but we cannot destroy a particle of it.

    Familiarity may temper, but inborn human superstition is indestructible.

    But in that fortnight his gratitude took on immense proportions, it became a monstrous and indestructible indebtedness.

    They appeared to him rational and indestructible at that moment.

Word Origin & History of - indestructible

    Word Origin & History

    indestructible 1674, from in- "not" + destructible (see destroy).