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Word Example of - indeterminate

    Example Sentences for indeterminate

    On a charge of shoplifting she was given an indeterminate sentence of one to ten years in the penitentiary at Joliet.

    Something dark and indeterminate swept by on the swift current.

    In the attic room Frederick immediately decided to build his nest for an indeterminate length of time.

    To this I should answer that the number is indeterminate, and I will explain why.

    The station, like the scenery, like Helen's letters, struck an indeterminate note.

    After an indeterminate interval, he was awakened by someone entering the room.

    Below these again is rather an indeterminate group from whom water is taken by some of the higher castes, not by others.

    This class has a sort of general, indeterminate, and ill understood dependence on our blessed Saviour.

    And there were further reaches of vague and indeterminate feelings that stirred in me.

    We do not have the intuition of absolute vice, because it is indeterminate.

Word Origin & History of - indeterminate

    Word Origin & History of indeterminate

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