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Word Example of - indicating

    Example Sentences for indicating

    “He is within, sire,” Tavannes answered, indicating the closet.

    "Pray be seated," said M. Bruno, indicating an arm-chair; and they conversed.

    He is the literary landmark of the place, indicating its existence to the distant scholar.

    This probably was the savage mode of indicating that there were no concealed weapons about the person.

    It is a fatal fact, and one indicating a profound social evil, that light should crush the shadow!

    Moccasined footprints had been seen on the sands of the beach, indicating that there were Indians near.

    Burials of both dogs and turkeys occur, indicating they were evidently regarded as more than mere food.

    "The old gentleman's bedroom is here," he said, indicating a door.

    Indicating the right upper portion of the arm from elbow to the shoulder?

    “I have presently a use for it,” he said, indicating the mirror.

Word Origin & History of - indicating

    Word Origin & History

    indicate 1650s, from L. indicatus, pp. of indicare (see indication).

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