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What is a better word for indicative? What's another word for indicative? What are 5 "indicative synonyms"? How can I replace the word indicative? What is the meaning of indicative in English?

Word Example of - indicative

    Example Sentences for indicative

    And Bartley's evident determination to carry out his original plan struck Cheyenne as indicative of considerable spirit.

    The organization of the Bank is indicative of the organization of modern business.

    The Indicative is used for the statement of facts, the supposition of facts, or inquiry after facts.

    Now all these names are indicative of some special feature of his character.

    As he moved, he muttered many expressions, indicative of a deeply disturbed and even remorseful mind.

    It was indicative of dissipation and the exercise of authority.

    All at Knowl was indicative of the break-up that was so near at hand.

    Wilton waved his hand, indicative of the futility of further argument.

    The truth is, nevertheless (why should I deny it), that I now and then discern in myself some indicative signs of old age.

    It is ten o'clock in the morning; everything is indicative of the day after a festival.

Word Origin & History of - indicative

    Word Origin & History

    indicative 1520s, from Fr. indicatif, from L. indicativus, from indicat-, pp. stem of indicare (see indication).