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"indicatory Synonyms"

What is a better word for indicatory? What's another word for indicatory? What are 5 "indicatory synonyms"? How can I replace the word indicatory? What is the meaning of indicatory in English?

Word Example of - indicatory

    Example Sentences for indicatory

    An indicatory instrument, showing by the virtue of a stone the degrees of declination from the horizon of each several latitude.

    In the wooded land, especially, it was hopeless to look for any indicatory mark beneath the undergrowth of forty years.

    To his astonishment, Waldemar noted that his friend's indicatory finger shook a little.

    Must your voice escape control exactly at the indicatory words?

    In the absence of any persons having knowledge of the matter, and of any indicatory signs, the monarch shall mark the boundary.

    Thus from actual imitative pictures we arrive at indicatory pictures.

    But how could the various kinds of fluid, for instance, be represented in these indicatory pictures?

Word Origin & History of - indicatory

    Word Origin & History

    indicate 1650s, from L. indicatus, pp. of indicare (see indication).