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What is a better word for indictment? What's another word for indictment? What are 5 "indictment synonyms"? How can I replace the word indictment? What is the meaning of indictment in English?

Word Example of - indictment

    Example Sentences for indictment

    The indictment is at least as true of the Austrian, as of the German, settlement.

    Joyce was prepared to swear to every item of the indictment.

    Not a single, solitary charge in this indictment against Stephen W. Dorsey has been substantiated.

    The indictment against Sherwood had been framed on suspicion.

    It was indeed an indictment, and her smile was perhaps now rather set.

    Suffice it to say, that there were several counts in his indictment.

    Falsepeace insisted that he was wrongly named in the indictment.

    I do not deny the purport of the indictment, but I object to the summary of it that you present.

    From that time on they stuck to the lie through the indictment, the trial and her conviction.

    Raleigh—I will wash my hands of the indictment, and die a true man to the king.

Word Origin & History of - indictment

    Word Origin & History

    indictment c.1300, endytement "action of accusing," from Anglo-Fr. enditement, from enditer (see indict). Meaning "legal document containing a charge" is from c.1500. Latin spelling restored 17c.