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Word Example of - indiscretion

    Example Sentences for indiscretion

    It dropped abruptly as though the speaker had suddenly recollected himself and was conscious of having committed an indiscretion.

    Ought she to repine at the fruit of her own indiscretion and folly?

    His indiscretion did very little harm, and his naïve self‑revelation only made him the more lovable to those who knew him well.

    Has any man wasted all his property, or ended in debt by indiscretion and misconduct?

    He was much annoyed over my indiscretion; but he resumed his work.

    I deeply regret my indiscretion, though it was for his sake.

    An old queen is seldom guilty of such a piece of indiscretion.

    It must be acknowledged that indiscretion could hardly go beyond this.

    Parents are often much to be blamed for this indiscretion in their daughters.

    The girl felt intuitively that she had yielded to an indiscretion of speech.

Word Origin & History of - indiscretion

    Word Origin & History of - indiscretion

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