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The Synonym of - indistinguishable (adj)

Word Example of - indistinguishable

    Example Sentences for indistinguishable

    The man bent a thin stick double, and using it as a pair of tongs, held some indistinguishable object over the flames before him.

    The indistinguishable shapes of men, in long lines, pulled on ropes.

    Well, these two worlds will be indistinguishable one from the other.

    Walls, floor and ceiling were an indistinguishable dark gray.

    Insects can distinguish at a great distance odors which to the human nose are indistinguishable.

    "So high the letters will be indistinguishable, I fear," responded Roseleaf, with a laugh.

    The two little leaves are indistinguishable, in both cases they look exactly alike.

    I've seen nothing but an indistinguishable mass of shawls and flannels.

    Page 126 (comments about map): Some 3s and 8s were indistinguishable.

    A camel is indistinguishable from a peanut—if only their humps be considered.

Word Origin & History of - indistinguishable

    Word Origin & History of indistinguishable

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