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What is a better word for individual? What's another word for individual? What are 5 "individual synonyms"? How can I replace the word individual? What is the meaning of individual in English?

Word Example of - individual

    Example Sentences for individual

    The individual whom I address is probably the most popular beggar in the town.

    God loves from whole to parts: but human soul Must rise from individual to the whole.

    Why should I desire to come into any individual's area-window instead of the door?

    It was only because she felt that no individual could well be spared from the party that she mounted at all.

    The amplitude is the width of swing of the individual particles of the waves.

    It is an individual prerogative, and an ultimate individual standard.

    As for that individual he said little to any one, and wandered off alone by himself.

    The individual alone must decide what it is fitting for him to do or refuse to do.

    Many forms of chance are inseparable from the individual enterprise.

    The secondary and individual causes will continue to play their part.

Word Origin & History of - individual

    Word Origin & History

    individual "a single object or thing," c.1600, from M.L. individualis, from L. individuus "indivisible," from in- "not" + dividuus "divisible," from dividere "divide." Colloquial sense of "person" is attested from 1742. As an adj., used from early 15c. meaning "one and indivisible" (with ref. to the Trinity). Sense of "single, separate" is 1610s; meaning "intended for one person" is from 1889."A majority can never replace the individual. ... Just as a hundred fools do not make one wise man, a heroic decision is not likely to come from a hundred cowards." [Adolf Hitler, "Mein Kampf," 1933]