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Word Example of - individuation

    Example Sentences for individuation

    Theistic determinism does make man a mere vessel, a tool: for Naturalism he is an individuation of the Living All.

    The principle of individuation follows, of course, from this.

    That too, he explained, was a law of nature: "Reproduction is in inverse proportion to individuation."

    This is because individuation is not the essential characteristic of the personality.

    Individuation,—is the unity of a thing with itself, or that whereby a thing is what it is.

    Individuation, however, is an indispensable psychological requirement.

    The individuation of man appears to consist in the union of a rational soul with any convenient portion of fitly organized matter.

    The dissolution of the persona is, therefore, an indispensable condition of individuation.

    You have escaped "from the painful accidents and chagrins of individuation" (p. 73).

    In short, genesis decreases as individuation increases, yet not quite so fast.

Word Origin & History of - individuation

    Word Origin & History of individuation

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