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What is a better word for indubitable? What's another word for indubitable? What are 5 "indubitable synonyms"? How can I replace the word indubitable? What is the meaning of indubitable in English?

Word Example of - indubitable

    Example Sentences for indubitable

    That the twain were happy—between their times of sadness—was indubitable.

    It took me three years to realise it as an indubitable fact.

    Nay, there are indubitable proofs that his personal courage could not always be “screwed up to the sticking point.”

    My heart bounded with joy, and I held escape to be indubitable.

    He concluded that there was an indubitable connection between this and the intestinal flora.

    And yet he knew, with an indubitable knowledge, that he should ask her again.

    Confectioners' wagons, loads of camp chairs, and now a large awning were the indubitable evidences of what was afoot.

    Her costume had about it an indubitable air, a finality of perfection in its kind.

    That it led to such licence in the present among themselves was an indubitable fact.

    Call this then his outward conversion; and say, Paul's outward conversion is indubitable.

Word Origin & History of - indubitable

    Word Origin & History

    indubitable 1625, from L. indubitabilis "that cannot be doubted," from in- "not" + dubitabilis "doubtful," from dubitare "hesitate, doubt" (see doubt).