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Word Example of - inducement

    Example Sentences for inducement

    The mode in which a man is made subservient, is by inducement and persuasion.

    Is there no inducement that I can hold out to you to leave me?

    What inducement was there for Custance to throw herself on such mercy as that?

    Half this amount had been offered in 1825, but the inducement was not then sufficient.

    The fair man answered, with a kind of vocal padding, “But—you see—inducement—when I said inducement,” to gain time.

    Left to myself, I felt no inducement to take up any profession or business.

    But for no inducement would they leave their dressing-rooms until the sun has gone down to the horizon.

    How are they to employ the day, or what inducement have they to employ it, in recruiting their stock of health?

    This affords no inducement to enterprise, and it is not surprising that many shipowners have gone out of business.

    They may walk, to be sure, but it is exactly the inducement to walk that they require.

Word Origin & History of - inducement

    Word Origin & History of inducement

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