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Word Example of - indulge

    Example Sentences for indulge

    There was no time for a cold bath before chapel, although Frank would have given something to indulge in one.

    Mr. Grant did not think it necessary to indulge in any long lectures.

    Men who indulge themselves in writing anonymous accusations seldom limit themselves to one effusion.

    Mr. President, it is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope.

    Their complete helplessness, as they lay undressed and unarmed, caused the burghers to indulge in hearty laughter.

    I do not stand up in this presence to indulge in any mock sentimentality.

    Animals can indulge themselves freely and take no harm; man cannot indulge himself freely without misery and ruin.

    Toussaint felt too much sympathy to indulge in much contempt for his companion.

    During the years 1836-7 he travelled far into the heart of Africa, merely to indulge his passion for the chase.

    This luxury is one, in which no lady of principle will indulge herself.

Word Origin & History of - indulge

    Word Origin & History

    indulge 1630s, "to grant as a favor;" 1650s, of both persons and desires, "to treat with unearned favor;" a back formation from indulgence (q.v.).