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Word Example of - inefficient

    Example Sentences for inefficient

    The cuckoo seems such an unpractical and inefficient bird that it is interesting to see it doing things.

    The first thing to do at Cambridge was to get rid of the inefficient and the corrupt.

    The inefficient colored friend who sits in the Speaker's chair cannot suppress this extraordinary element of the debate.

    The inefficient and undecided can act only under the stimulus of present hope.

    The consequences of a bad or inefficient government are too obvious to be dwelt upon.

    Her crew, hurriedly got together, were inefficient in the extreme.

    Before the period of its renovation, the Registry of Chester was as inefficient and exacting as the other three we have described.

    As a result there was inefficient farming and a low standard of living.

    Many of the old, inefficient, and slow workers were discharged.

    If a large organization does not hand over authority it is inefficient.

Word Origin & History of - inefficient

    Word Origin & History

    inefficient 1750, "not producing the desired effect," from in- "not" + efficient (q.v.).

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