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Word Example of - inexpedient

    Example Sentences for inexpedient

    But to do that with the Carillon was found to be inexpedient.

    It may then be found that they are gross, absurd, or inexpedient.

    One was, that the loan could not be had—the other, that the war was inexpedient.

    It would have been churlish and inexpedient after this to insist on further conversation.

    I have said before that it would be inexpedient in many ways.

    To our readers it may appear to have been most gratuitous, unnecessary, and inexpedient.

    They pass upon what is true and what is false, what is right and what is wrong, what is expedient and what is inexpedient.

    Yes, indeed, he said: and there are some things which may be inexpedient, and yet I call them good.

    (d) Homeless persons whom it is inexpedient to place elsewhere (in this case only temporary detention is contemplated).

    "Inexpedient under present conditions," was the way they put it.

Word Origin & History of - inexpedient

    Word Origin & History

    inexpedient 1608, from in- "not" + expedient (q.v.).