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Word Example of - infamy

    Example Sentences for infamy

    I will not stop at treachery, which is more than a crime; nor at infamy, which is more than treachery.

    We have reached the apex of infamy in the crime which lies unavenged at our doors.

    It is true your king, although less capable than you suppose, was not without certain gifts—their misuse only adds to his infamy.

    But who sees not that the infamy is of the very essence of the punishment?

    We have been shackled because of infamy during the last centuries.

    I will not be your accomplice and be dragged by you into an abyss of infamy!

    They would strip him of the dress of civilization and clothe him in the garb of infamy.

    The punishment of Linda's infamy had been deserved, and it was right that it should be endured.

    Having constantly before their eyes the garb and stamp of their infamy, reformation, if not impossible, is extremely difficult.

    In all this infamy Jensen reserved for himself the privilege of a deeper degree of infamy.

Word Origin & History of - infamy

    Word Origin & History of infamy

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