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Word Example of - infant

    Example Sentences for infant

    But Cleg's breathing was as natural and regular as that of an infant.

    The journey was too much, in such a season, for so young an infant.

    The day having dawned, the housekeeper went to fetch a woman, who agreed to nurse the infant in silence and secrecy.

    He stopped, he walked over to the infant and swept it into his arms.

    It was not the roundabouts, so crude that even an infant of to-day would despise them.

    The infant as a man—such is the figure we ought to keep in view.

    The early feeling which prompted the infant wish for “a cottage too low for a clock” was still fresh in her bosom.

    And, holding the infant in her arms, she barred a nearer approach.

    The old sea-dog, his father, was absent at the time; but returned before the infant was four weeks old.

    They are represented as the Magi, who came from the east with presents for the infant Saviour.

Word Origin & History of - infant

    Word Origin & History

    infant 1376, "child during earliest period of life" (sometimes extended to age 7), from L. infantem (nom. infans) "young child, babe in arms," noun use of adj. meaning "not able to speak," from in- "not" + fans, prp. of fari "speak" (see fame). Infanticide first attested 1656. Infanta "daughter of a king of Spain or Portugal" (1601) is from the Sp. and Port. form of the word. Infantile is 1696, "of or pertaining to infants;" sense of "infant-like" is from 1772.