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Word Example of - infelicitous

    Example Sentences for infelicitous

    To Mrs. Sutton's apprehension this was an infelicitous introduction of herself to the husband's toleration.

    The name of the gentleman who enjoyed this infelicitous distinction was Tretherick.

    He hated the prisoner for his infelicitous and untimely crime, yet he could not make up his mind to his death.

    Perhaps these circumstances gave the locality its infelicitous reputation.

    She had thought it very likely Robert Acton would come and see her; she had not met him since that infelicitous evening.

    In the first place, their choice of Monmouth as the heir was infelicitous.

    Pray, sir, is it my infelicitous allusion to Miss Light's marriage?

    Were it not that the salutation were infelicitous, we should have said, "Hail, all hail!"

    Be that as it may, he often makes her serve as a symbol for material existence, obviously an infelicitous parallel.

    The ground of objection is not very formidable; but the Parent's Assistant is certainly an infelicitous name.

Word Origin & History of - infelicitous

    Word Origin & History of infelicitous

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