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Word Example of - inference

    Example Sentences for inference

    The inference, on the broad principle, is that she stole it.

    These inconsistencies made it hard to draw any inference from his behavior.

    This inference may be objected to on account of the supposed anachronism, respecting which we shall make a short digression.

    The inference is a correct one, but it is in no sense an obvious one.

    Burrell made the best reply he could, without confirming or denying the inference drawn from his early rising.

    The grub-liners laughed at the inference which Smith so coolly implied.

    What inference could you draw as to the occurrence in such regions of severe earthquakes in the recent past?

    He did not, he could not see the dogs fighting; it was a flash of an inference, a rapid induction.

    This would lead to the inference that the original pillar retained the shape of a female figure.

    What is the inference as to the son's disposition in either case?

Word Origin & History of - inference

    Word Origin & History

    inference c.1600, from M.L. inferentia, from inferentem, prp. of inferre (see infer).

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