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The Synonym of - inferiority (noun)

Word Example of - inferiority

    Example Sentences for inferiority

    This inferiority of some to others is sufficiently accounted for in the history of the origin and descent of these fables.

    They were now aware of the inferiority in numbers of the Americans.

    I think that this was a correct judgment, and I do not see that it implies any inferiority on his part.

    Let him have but the wit to say so, and not feel the admission a proof of inferiority.

    Even John Paslew, unused to a sense of inferiority before his fellow-men, felt cowed before him.

    After all, however, the inferiority of Claudius was not really so great as it seemed.

    I never felt my own inferiority any more than I did in the presence of this wonderful invention.

    The bitterness of his inferiority and servitude was as wormwood within him.

    Is this not perhaps at least one of the reasons of the inferiority of the German drama?

    You know what poor John has gone through, though there was no inferiority there.

Word Origin & History of - inferiority

    Word Origin & History

    inferior early 15c., from L. inferior "lower," comp. form of inferus (adj.) "that is below or beneath," from infra "below." Noun meaning "a person inferior to another in rank, etc.," is from c.1500. Inferiority complex first attested 1922."The surrender of life is nothing to sinking down into acknowledgment of inferiority." [John C. Calhoun]

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