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Word Example of - inferring

    Example Sentences for inferring

    He saw a light in Julie's window and inferring that she had not yet retired he went hastily to her room and knocked on the door.

    There is always danger of inferring more than the facts warrant.

    "Then your wife will not go," answered George, inferring that his services would be required because hers could not be had.

    He is not generalising; he is inferring a particular from particulars.

    "Rational" refers to the power of knowledge, of inferring one thing from another, and discriminating between good and evil.

    Willy and Red remained silent, inferring that I was to carry the ball.

    You give me some reason for inferring that it is far higher than I deserve.

    Good-bye, it is not likely we shall often meet; my path is not yours, as you are so fond of inferring.

    In fact the more he read his letter over, the more he got to inferring it himself.

    You are inferring that the business, as you call it, was discreditable?

Word Origin & History of - inferring

    Word Origin & History of - inferring

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