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Word Example of - infirmity

    Example Sentences for infirmity

    A man I have ever thought wore the motley rather from excess, than infirmity, of wit.

    It is not a virtue with me, it is an infirmity; it is because of my nationality, because I am my father's son.

    It is inexpressible how much this infirmity adds to a sense of shame, and a general feeling of deterioration.

    Ought I not to speak decidedly, and unequivocally, of this my infirmity?

    That thou must be the first to teach this teaching—how could this great fate not be thy greatest danger and infirmity!

    She swept me a curtsey of surprising depth, considering her infirmity.

    It is an infirmity in one of the eyes, making the two unequal in power, that makes men squint.

    The poor cripple was handicapped from the start by his infirmity.

    After two years of infirmity, Pasteur at length began to feel the recovery of health.

    Was not my blindness a matter of choice; no infirmity, no misfortune, but my guilt?

Word Origin & History of - infirmity

    Word Origin & History of - infirmity

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