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Word Example of - inflation

    Example Sentences for inflation

    The third element in our program is a renewed attack on inflation.

    So far as this went, it produced a debtor class and prepared the way for inflation.

    The effect on foreign trade of price-regulation and profiteer-hunting as cures for inflation is even worse.

    Inflation was not to be desired by the citizen who had in hand the funds to pay his debts.

    During the period of inflation, therefore, as much as possible should be raised by taxation.

    We shall have a remedy for this the moment the tide of inflation turns.

    It was this inflation that caused the wage-earner to show in his own little budget a deficit of 38 points.

    Inflation of the tympanic bullae is thought to be a specialization.

    The psychological underpinnings and bearings of inflation have been studied deeply in the last few decades.

    Because, by the inflation and contraction of the lungs, their capacity is constantly changing.

Word Origin & History of - inflation

    Word Origin & History

    inflation mid-14c., from L. inflationem (nom. inflatio), noun of action from inflare "blow into, puff up," from in- "into" + flare "to blow" (see blow (v.1)). Monetary sense of "enlargement of prices" (originally by an increase in the amount of money in circulation) first recorded 1838 in Amer.Eng.

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