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Word Example of - inflexible

    Example Sentences for inflexible

    But, as the judge was of an inflexible cruelty, he condemned him to be committed to a slow fire.

    Whatever he might think of the Mormon doctrines, upon that one point he was inflexible.

    Lardner protests against Pliny's application of the words "contumacy and inflexible obstinacy" to the Christians of Pontus.

    Nor is prejudice then so strong, nor opinion so inflexible, as in later manhood.

    Inflexible necessity, inexorable law, absolute uniformity, unbroken continuity tell the story of the universe.

    He, whose character is inflexible, and who has no brains—what sort of a life is his?

    He turned his hardened brow upon her, with a look of dumb and inflexible defiance.

    Nothing can turn him from his purpose, or induce him to change his inflexible will.

    Barnave, the inflexible partisan, reached Paris a devoted man.

    She laughed amusedly as she thought of him and his inflexible will.

Word Origin & History of - inflexible

    Word Origin & History

    inflexible c.1400, "incapable of being bent, rigid," from L. inflexibilis, from inflexus, pp. of inflectere, from in- "not" + flectere "to bend." Figurative sense of "unbending in temper or purpose" first attested late 14c.

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