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The Synonym of - infliction (noun)

Word Example of - infliction

    Example Sentences for infliction

    But example he seems not to think a direct end of punishment, though it should be regarded in its infliction.

    But he had roused her at last by the infliction of a pain too intense for tears.

    I have known these birds to breed in April and May, and these very late nests escape the infliction of parasitical eggs.

    A severe starting, so called because no blood followed its infliction.

    For those reconciled after trial, the infliction was more severe.

    She was about to revenge the infliction of that little scar!

    He delighted in the infliction of punishments, and even those which were capital, without any distinction of persons or occasions.

    He abandons me, He casts me off; and He uses your hand for this infliction.

    This was referable to infection from the skin itself, or to infection from without subsequent to the infliction of the injury.

    "It might," replied the girl, the shrinking from the infliction of too severe a blow.

Word Origin & History of - infliction

    Word Origin & History of infliction

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