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Word Example of - influence

    Example Sentences for influence

    Again, the influence of English ideas has affected their public worship.

    The Influence of Self-love operating to the social and public Good, v.266.

    She's said it several times while under the influence of the sedatives she's had.

    Pen and Jane were not finding the farmers' wives easy to influence.

    The influence of Gracchus over the popular mind was lessened.

    She, who owed her engagement to his influence, and whose fortune and future were in his hands.

    I asked Vera if she thought she could influence him and she assured me she could not.

    They have their influence, and exercise a degree of control in household matters.

    The influence of both was even greater in the Jacobean than in their own period.

    This and the great island of Sumatra doubtless have some influence on the winds.

Word Origin & History of - influence

    Word Origin & History of - influence

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