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Word Example of - influential

    Example Sentences for influential

    Between Commons and our House of Representatives—the most influential legislative bodies—there is no such great difference.

    He was surrounded by influential friends, and he had money at his command.

    He still remained a personage of importance in his exile, and played an influential part even in his last years.

    One section of art, perhaps the most influential, is the drama.

    He was a zealous, active, and influential friend of philosophers.

    That Mrs. Martin had influential friends she had not dreamed.

    The point to remember in searching for an interesting story is that the people are as influential an element as the events.

    He maintained his influential position till the Restoration.

    The reform had but slight root in public opinion, and no sanction in the interests of the influential classes; quite the contrary.

    In the first place—it is the earliest and the most influential school.

Word Origin & History of - influential

    Word Origin & History

    influential "powerful," 1734; see influence.

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