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Word Example of - influx

    Example Sentences for influx

    This influx also brought in great numbers of susceptible rats.

    For this communication is an influx of the Divine mind into our mind.

    The influx of Japanese is also prevented under a treaty with Japan.

    A correspondent revolution in things will attend the influx of the spirit.

    All this she had to provide for and arrange for, often receiving an influx of patients without a moment's warning.

    The influx of fortune-hunters dotted the area with tents and diggings.

    He had an influx of parliamentary business, which, for whatever reason, did not last long.

    London was all astir with the influx of company returning from the races.

    Owing to this influx of foreigners, the American stock has become mingled with other strains, especially those from Great Britain.

    The influx was certainly an immediate boon to the sheep-farmers of the period.

Word Origin & History of - influx

    Word Origin & History

    influx 1626, from L.L. influxus "a flowing in," from influere "to flow in" (see influence). Originally of rivers, air, light, spiritual light, etc.; used of people from 1652.

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