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Word Example of - ingrained

    Example Sentences for ingrained

    He wanted to stalk out, but ingrained discipline chained him to the spot.

    The idea of the squeeze seems to be ingrained in the Chinese.

    Perhaps it is no better than an ingrained and superstitious habit.

    Subordination to the wills of their superiors was ingrained in their natures.

    The chieftain's self-confidence was so ingrained and deeply set that he could not doubt his own triumph.

    It is ingrained in them, they only sink from it to cover their natural instincts of infidelity.

    After Edwards has finished a story he has an ingrained dislike for tampering with it any further.

    The ingrained contempt of women was not so easily eradicated.

    The sin of Israel was inveterate and ingrained; nothing could wash out the stain of it.

    The love of freedom is ingrained in the ideals of the South.

Word Origin & History of - ingrained

    Word Origin & History

    ingrain 1766, see engrain. Fig. use, of qualities, habits, etc., attested from 1851 (in ingrained).