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Word Example of - ingratiating

    Example Sentences for ingratiating

    He had a double chin and a smile which was apologetic but ingratiating.

    Diana moved nearer to him, with her prettiest and most ingratiating air.

    He tried to twist his seamed 288 features into an ingratiating grin, but the effort was a failure, producing only a grimace.

    Annabel had a way of ingratiating herself into the affections of her associates.

    She loved children, but Tibby was not an ingratiating child.

    "I am afraid I do, sir," smiled Ted, with ingratiating honesty.

    Van Busch called his efforts to be ingratiating "sucking up to" the lady.

    Brevald, who had been ingratiating and obsequious, now treated him with contempt.

    He caught her at the foot of the staircase, and treated her to one of his most ingratiating smiles.

    There was an expectant, ingratiating look on the dog's face.

Word Origin & History of - ingratiating

    Word Origin & History

    ingratiate 1622, from It. ingraziare "to bring (oneself) into favor," from L. in gratiam "for the favor of," from in- "in" + gratia "favor, grace."

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