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Word Example of - ingratiation

    Example Sentences for ingratiation

    A hansom cab offers peculiar facilities for the aforesaid process of ingratiation.

    He could not resist her beauty, her warmth, her ingratiation.

    “Then I shall have to call another time,” said the woman, with a mixture of ingratiation and despair.

    He had prepared himself to be ingratiating; but he realized that ingratiation was not a successful line to pursue with dragons.

    The qualities of ingratiation and friendliness departed from M. Garfunkel's smile, leaving it wholly apologetic.

    It was as if she were amused, not absent-minded nor yet a prey to the feminine immorality of ingratiation.

Word Origin & History of - ingratiation

    Word Origin & History

    ingratiate 1622, from It. ingraziare "to bring (oneself) into favor," from L. in gratiam "for the favor of," from in- "in" + gratia "favor, grace."

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