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Word Example of - ingredient

    Example Sentences for ingredient

    I just tasted it, and found the oil perfectly sweet, without which the other ingredient would have been very insipid.

    This pretty story did not mitigate the notoriety which was an ingredient of her pain.

    And in another place he mentions "Pipere albo" as an ingredient in cooking.

    In the case of doughnuts, this material is supplied as an ingredient.

    So far as I am concerned they may stew in their own juice; I shall not offer myself as an ingredient.

    It was none of these; though perhaps each entered into it as an ingredient.

    All the other answers to the enigma may contain an ingredient of truth.

    While also it may be perceived that the author has brought into his story an ingredient of rhetoric.

    At that time the importance of thyroid as an ingredient had not been emphasized.

    They constituted the ingredient of bitterness in their cup of joy.

Word Origin & History of - ingredient

    Word Origin & History

    ingredient c.1460, from L. ingredientem (nom. ingrediens) "that which enters into" (a compound, recipe, etc.), prp. of ingredi "go in, enter," from in- "in" + gradi "to step, go."

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