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The Synonym of - ingress (noun)

Word Example of - ingress

    Example Sentences for ingress

    No defences are possible, on our vast extent of shore, that can preclude their ingress.

    The waters of the great deep have ingress and egress to the soul.

    The weight of his ingress tipped the gunwale to the water's edge, but Carlisle made no outcry.

    Any other mode of ingress was impossible for any beast of burden.

    Carlington Road stretched before him bright, kindly, beckoning to his ingress.

    There were for a few days much hurry and bustle, both of egress and of ingress.

    Thence the ingress suddenly opens into view the whole interior, creating the most lively and pleasing emotions.

    It was as though an invisible barrier had been raised to prevent his ingress.

    I obeyed his last command, and went down the stair, and closed all ingress behind me.

    Yet the workman must have entered by some ingress—if only Dick could discover it!

Word Origin & History of - ingress

    Word Origin & History

    ingress early 15c., from L. ingressus "entrance," from pp. stem of ingredi "to step into, enter" (see ingredient).

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