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Word Example of - inherent

    Example Sentences for inherent

    It is the inherent difficulty of their method that it must lead to unsubstantial results.

    The pragmatic thought is, nevertheless, inherent in any sign process.

    Why has it not shone forth by its own inherent light and compelled the universal consent of admiring mankind?

    Those powers were inherent in her which training can but develop.

    Its very failures have come from its inherent greatness; they are the proof of great capacities, the omen of a greater future.

    Her virtues must be the result of reflection, inherent, and not incidental.

    Religion demands the submission of a free conscience, and uses no compulsion but that imposed by its own inherent dignity.

    What caused them to do so — a power external to themselves, or an inherent force?

    Genuine and natural application ought to be inherent in the material presented.

    The State robs the family of its inherent right to educate the children.

Word Origin & History of - inherent

    Word Origin & History

    inherent 1578, from L. inhærentem (nom. inhærens), prp. of inhærere "be closely connected with, adhere to," from in- "in" + hærere "to stick" (see hesitation).

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