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Word Example of - inheritance

    Example Sentences for inheritance

    George Grafton was a banker, by inheritance and to some extent by acquirement.

    The 'earnest' is always of the same nature as, and a part of the 'inheritance.'

    She excludes her devoted husband from the inheritance in favour of her most unfilial son?

    It is the earnest of the inheritance, rather than its fulness.

    But what was it that made this inheritance more pleasing to God than any of the other souls which He had redeemed?

    It belongs to us as our inheritance; but I want no more petty stealing.

    Not without a keen pang did Juan thus mortgage the inheritance of his fathers.

    The inheritance I had allowed to escape me had been ended again!

    With the brother, the inheritance of suffering was not less surely present, if more difficult to trace.

    Tell me, then, what inheritance are you going to leave him when you close your eyes on this world?

Word Origin & History of - inheritance

    Word Origin & History

    inheritance "that which is inherited," late 15c., from inherit.

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