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Word Example of - inhibit

    Example Sentences for inhibit

    Her power of will had deserted her, or this man, Arabian, had the power to inhibit her will.

    To close the path means to inhibit the idea which demands such action.

    In other words, the red light plays no part except in furnishing a light which does not inhibit healing.

    It shares, we said, with attention, the power to reënforce and to inhibit.

    By special papal favor, however, it had power to inhibit their action and thus to cripple them on the spot.

    The wine would cleanse and at least inhibit bacterial growth.

    There are many factors which inhibit sleep that must be removed or at least obviated.

    The finest—and no acute case of puritanism to inhibit his enjoyment.

    There is no need of a definite consent to the act, provided there is nothing present to inhibit it.

    Page 344: 'inhabit' corrected to 'inhibit', as 1587 edition.

Word Origin & History of - inhibit

    Word Origin & History

    inhibit mid-15c., "to forbid, prohibit," from L. inhibit-, pp. stem of inhibere (see inhibition). Psychological sense (1876) is from earlier, softened meaning of "restrain, check, hinder" (1530s).

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