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Word Example of - inimitable

    Example Sentences for inimitable

    See how it shows itself in the tender and inimitable strain of this epistle.

    Only, these were the inimitable and illimitable fields of Nature.

    A striking perfection observable in their construction is the inimitable perpendicular invariably maintained.

    After that inimitable, unforgettable "Jamais, jamais, jamais!"

    He described, with inimitable wit and enjoyment, his experience in the land office, and together they examined the fifty receipts.

    With this inimitable drawing we may compare the rocks in the foreground of the Llanthony.

    He has some capital Cornish stories, with an inimitable imitation of Cornish dialect.

    Burns had an inimitable ear for ballad feeling and for ballad rhythm and music.

    Then the trio made the wood ring with shouts of merriment, and threw themselves into inimitable contortions.

    It is noted for being the birthplace of the inimitable Sterne.

Word Origin & History of - inimitable

    Word Origin & History

    inimitable 1531, from L. inimitabilis "that cannot be imitated," from in- "not" + imitabilis (see imitation).

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