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Word Example of - initial

    Example Sentences for initial

    For this reason they were also called OT-maps, which corresponded to the initial letters of “orbis terrarum.”

    In some cases, the initial non-linear thought is linearized.

    These, when they have once mastered the initial difficulties, usually persist in preferring the sport to any other.

    The initial period passes, and they are given a home and a work of their own.

    The initial in the corner was K. Kitty had left it on the table while she was talking to Mrs. Crozier a halfhour before.

    The initial velocity to be imparted, in this case, is well known.

    Yes, this initial task of voice classification is far too important to be entrusted to "any teacher."

    He was glad his father had overheard the initial conversation.

    And if his initial assignments gave him little but "rough-neck" work to do, he did it without audible complaint.

    Even in this initial stage, the word "worm" is out of place.

Word Origin & History of - initial

    Word Origin & History

    initial 1526, "of or pertaining to a beginning," from L. initialis "initial, incipient," from initium "a beginning, an entrance," from pp. stem of inire "to go into, enter upon, begin," from in- "into, in" + ire "to go" (see ion). Meaning "standing at the beginning of a word, sentence, etc." (1622) led to noun sense of "initial letter of a name or surname" (1627). The verb meaning "to mark or sign with initials" is from 1864.

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