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Word Example of - initiate

    Example Sentences for initiate

    He is in consequence persuaded to go "to those conjurers," who, says Crato, would "initiate in all mysteries."

    The initiate raised his hands slowly and untied the bandage.

    But although this impulse may initiate pantomimic magic, it can hardly maintain it in the absence of any deeper satisfaction.

    These were the questions which the initiate had to put to himself.

    To be an artist a man must create or initiate; the accumulation of knowledge will do little for him.

    They relate it in the way in which a Mystic would speak of an initiate.

    She wanted to push away all that sympathy, and she was exceedingly alarmed by the revelation that Tommy was an initiate.

    I shall have to be with them some days to initiate and install them.

    SHOE, to free, or initiate a person,a practice common in most trades to a new comer.

    It is mine to initiate you into the highly respectable mysteries.

Word Origin & History of - initiate

    Word Origin & History

    initiate "one who has been initiated," 1811, from pp. adj. initiate (c.1600); see initiate (v.).

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