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Word Example of - injure

    Example Sentences for injure

    A careless groom might injure it in the hurry and excitement of the night.

    Any low-growing annual will do, but it must be low-growing or it may injure the Fraxinella.

    Swear to me that you will not injure the child, or I will not bring it to you.

    She has the most perfect complexion, and no sun or wind seems to injure it.

    All might be well; and, if it were not, the power of this man to injure us could not be very great.

    To excite a baby to laughter is to subject it to a shock which may injure it.

    He held it firmly in his hand, with a view to letting go after it had served its purpose, having no desire to injure his victim.

    The woman is persistent and diabolical in her attempts to injure us.

    Mr. Jones: In our experience the soaking of wood does not injure it for budding, but it does for grafting.

    We believe that, to the last, he had no wish to injure Essex.

Word Origin & History of - injure

    Word Origin & History

    injure 1580s, a back formation from injury; earlier, injury served as a verb (late 15c.).

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