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Word Example of - injurious

    Example Sentences for injurious

    I hardly know to which such phase of character may be most injurious.

    In this calendar I propose to especially notice the injurious insects.

    This excitement must be most injurious to one in your weak state; I cannot sit and listen to it.

    They actually believed that bathing was injurious when one was sick.

    On a somewhat crucial occasion he quietly said: 'I once asked Mr. Disraeli whether newspaper abuse was injurious to a public man.

    The injurious consequences which may result to the city are also exposed.

    And yet all that Seneca's daring could venture was to seduce the baby-tyrant into the least injurious of tyrannies.

    They are not, therefore, necessary, but injurious for men in all other situations.

    The effect would be demoralizing to the troops and injurious to their health.

    Many of our day think that the study of philosophy is injurious.

Word Origin & History of - injurious

    Word Origin & History of injurious

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