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The Synonym of - inmost (adj)

Word Example of - inmost

    Example Sentences for inmost

    For over a year they both religiously guarded their secret, buried like a treasure in the inmost recesses of their hearts.

    And then she began to do a curious thing which had grown to be a part of his inmost life.

    In his inmost heart Frank was glad that she should be jealous, and he watched her out of the corner of his eye.

    Hindmost sole, possibly “inmost soul”; wisk, possibly “whisk.”

    Whoever was able to know Rolland's inmost essence, acquired, as in the ancient saga, new energy for the wrestle with brute force.

    "You are not always to rule him, little lady," she thinks in her inmost soul.

    I have thus been horrified at times to see how little of my inmost self is more than hinted at in my writings.

    This was not the man she had dreamed of—the unknown of her inmost heart.

    Barnes, looking around quickly to see who had read his inmost thoughts, met the firm glance of his antagonist.

    For the first time that look seemed to exclude him from her inmost life.

Word Origin & History of - inmost

    Word Origin & History of inmost

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