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Word Example of - inn

    Example Sentences for inn

    I felt drawn to the place—to the Inn where my son stayed, to the neighborhood.

    Close to the tiny station he recognized the inn of which the abb had told him.

    Then we lighted one of the candles the inn people had given us, and ate our supper.

    She had the boldness to disguise herself and come and see me at the inn.

    That evening he came to a small straggling town where was one inn.

    We can ask at the inn here, and find out which way we ought to take.'

    He added that she was fast emptying the inn with these "singeries."

    The night was dark, therefore we proceeded with caution as we left the inn.

    We were standing on the threshold of the inn, and I pointed to the room.

    When he got to the inn, Monsieur Bournisien asked for the wife of the Yonville doctor.

Word Origin & History of - inn

    Word Origin & History

    inn O.E. inn "lodging, dwelling, house," probably from inne (adv.) "inside, within." Meaning "public house with lodging" is possibly 12c., definitely by c.1400. Meaning "lodging house or residence for students" is 1214 in Anglo-L., obsolete except in names of buildings that were so used (e.g. Inns of Court, 1436).

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