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Word Example of - innards

    Example Sentences for innards

    It was that nasty suffocating stuff that knocked all the heart out of a man, getting at his innards and stopping his clock.

    That's a better bandobust than baynit get it in your innards.

    So saying, he let the grateful sunlight into the Dromedary's innards.

    Why didn't you take their feathers off and clean out their innards?

    The old man's done for, this time, ez I allow—spang in the innards.

    I simply know that she's full of water aft and has got something serious the matter with her innards.

    "Us ha' got innards, and they'm called vowels," Master went on.

    Seward, you may think I'm simple, but I can see your mind working as plainly as you might see the innards of a clock.

    And sometimes he complained that his 'innards seemed to be turned upside-down,' to use his own phrase.

    But we'll die and rot the same, and the crows'll have our eyes for breakfast and our innards for dinner!

Word Origin & History of - innards

    Word Origin & History

    innards 1825, dial. variant of inwards "the bowels."

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