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Word Example of - innate

    Example Sentences for innate

    There was no affectation in this; but much genuine, innate pride.

    They had grown as they could, not as their innate proclivities would have led them.

    Her innate piety (as I have more than once observed) will not permit her to shorten her own life, either by violence or neglect.

    And not the less that his own innate consciousness told him it was all as said.

    Each looks alone to its innate sense, the gift of God, and to the sole approval of the great "I AM."

    Roosevelt was the born leader with an innate instinct of command.

    Love is the most melodious of all harmonies and the sentiment of love is innate.

    This is innate and not acquired; it does not owe any of its force to selfish considerations.

    The trouble with you,” she said, smiling adorably, “is your innate delicacy.

    Perhaps it was his innate feeling, his deep sense of introspection.

Word Origin & History of - innate

    Word Origin & History

    innate c.1412, from L. innatus "inborn," pp. of innasci "to be born in, originate in," from in- "in" + nasci "to be born" (Old L. gnasci; see genus).