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Word Example of - inner

    Example Sentences for inner

    This rock in the inner crater was gray, pale and ghostly in the earthlight.

    The inner gate had been closed for the night, so he lifted and went over the wall.

    The Duke fumbled in an inner pocket, and dropped the memorandum into her hand.

    The inner office was locked, but he had no difficulty in gaining admission.

    And the more is this true with regard to the study of these inner things.

    Their inner surfaces were coated with a glutinous substance.

    In the inner room Pausanias saw the trident-mark, naturally near the .

    "Come inside and you'll see," said Pash, and conducted Beecot into the inner room.

    Amaryllis, smiling, moved toward the inner corridor of her house.

    He told me he had given the brooch to Pash, and that it was in the inner office.

Word Origin & History of - inner

    Word Origin & History

    inner c.1400, from O.E. inra, comp. of inne (adv.) "inside" (see in). Inner city, in ref. to poverty and crime, is attested from 1968.

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